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Gain insight into the backgrounds and characteristics of CEOs and CFOs who lead portfolio companies.

The global PE market boomed across fundraising, acquisitions and exits in 2021, buoyed by cheap financing, vast monetary and fiscal stimulus, and the resulting increases in share and private capital market prices. In total, $1.17trn of deals were recorded between January and September 2021 – more than in any year since 2015.

Leadership teams play a critical role in their portfolio companies and the impact on company performance.  BoardEx data shows that 71% of US portfolio company CEOs, and 75% of CFOs, were external appointments. This is perhaps not surprising. PE firms often replace – sometimes immediately, sometimes later – the CEOs of companies they acquire.

Finding the right talent fast is critical which is why BoardEx’s Insights on Portfolio Company Talent 2022 was published, to analyze the characteristics and backgrounds of today’s portfolio company CEOs and CFOs.  

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