Introducing The Role of the CFO 2022

Market conditions and business strategies continue to evolve the need for top talent. The role of the chief financial officer (CFO) is more critical than ever in driving a company’s strategic direction.  

The Role of the CFO 2022 examines the characteristics and backgrounds of the chief financial officers of major publicly traded companies across 16 countries around the world, diving deeper into key North American and European markets. Moreover, you will also discover the most common employers and higher education institutions who produce these CFOs.  



The report offers insight into the experience and characteristics of leading CFOs, making it a must read for organizations looking to make the most of their leadership and executive talent. 

The Role of the CFO 2022 leverages the data visualization of BoardEx Discovery. This new feature allows users to explore important skill set experiences of today’s leaders.  

Key findings explored further in the report include:  

  • Most CFOs are male and have more than 20 years of experience.  

  • There is large regional variation in the share of leading CFOs that hold a board position at their company.  

  • Involvement in mergers and acquisitions is a highly common experience for leading CFOs.  

  • Many leading CFOs at US and UK companies have worked at major professional services firms, with PWC leading the list.  

The Role of the CFO 2022 offers unmatched insight into the experience and characteristics of leading CFOs. 

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